Impact on nature

Together with landowners, companies, and people we protect forests, species, and the health of ecosystems.

8M hectares

growing forest

130M tons CO₂

sequestered each year

270 species

protected in their habitat

Achieving global climate and biodiversity goals

To have a balanced, healthy, and stable Earth, we must protect 30% of biodiverse nature by 2030. Today, the Single.Earth community has 8M hectares joined with our platform, and 1M is protected already. Join as a landowner, contributor, or investor!

Save rainforests in Amazon Brazil

Santa Natalia is located in the Arc of Deforestation - the area with the most rapid deforestation in the world. The forest is immensely biodiverse, providing habitat for 175 species and removing more than 104,000 tons of CO₂ from the atmosphere every year.

Protect threatened forests in Europe

Smaller lands have extremely limited options to earn income for nature preservation. We work with landowners across Europe who commit to keeping their forests intact. Our goal is to make nature protection easy and profitable for lands of all sizes.

Support large conservation areas

Nature conservation is missing more than $100 billion each year. There’s an urgent need to increase protected areas globally and also find sustainable revenue sources for managing these areas. We are partnering with local communities and conservation organisations to sustainably protect species, habitats, and landscapes.
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Assessing and
monitoring nature

Single.Earth's Digital Twin allows us to virtually represent and monitor intact forest areas along with ecological features starting with the gross CO₂ removal capacity of each land onboarded to our platform. Thanks to this, we can offer credible and efficient assessment to lands of all sizes.

Based on ecological values, tokens are issued to landowners for as long as the forest stays intact. If we detect unreconciled clearcutting or land conversion, further minting stops.
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