Our approach on nature positivity

Combining novel natural science methodologies and cutting-edge technology to amplify the transition to a green way of living for all.
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Science-backed innovation

Single.Earth is on a quest to help preserve existing biodiverse ecosystems and rebalance the planet. Our immediate goal is to increase the conserved area of threatened mature forests globally by making forest preservation an economically viable alternative to harvesting and deforestation.

We use methods based on big data and AI to evaluate and quantify forest attributes and give input for developing a new green currency we call MERIT, linking nature with the economy.
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Digital Twin for assessing lands

Single.Earth's Digital Twin allows us to virtually represent and monitor intact forest areas along with ecological features starting with the gross CO₂ removal capacity of each land onboarded to our platform. Thanks to this, we can offer credible and efficient land assessments to lands of all sizes worldwide.
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Carbon methodology

We use in-house tools and peer-reviewed methods to map global forest carbon fluxes, forest loss, and canopy cover to value forests as digital assets. This allows us to generate economic incentives for landowners to manage their forests and protect nature.
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Ecosystem integrity methodology

Single.Earth’s Ecosystem Integrity Index (EII) is an innovative approach to account for other aspects of nature beyond carbon. The EII helps to assess and quantify ecosystem health, completeness, and resiliency to natural and human-induced disturbances.
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The MERIT of nature

We capture and represent nature's ecological value with a measurement unit called MERIT. Why this new instrument? Because we need a more comprehensive valuation of nature, beyond current carbon crediting mechanisms.

MERIT has many use cases. It can be used as a Proof of MERIT to enable transparent nature-positive contributions, a green crypto token for investing, and a potential future eco-currency which places nature in the heart of the economy.

How MERIT is created

Earth’s ecosystem services
Nature captures CO₂, holds biodiversity, and offers other vital ecosystem services for humans.
Digital Twin evaluates
The MERIT Digital Twin monitors and evaluates nature to give it a digital value in MERIT.
Nature-backed MERIT
New MERIT tokens are regularly created based on the healthiness of nature around us.

MERIT is quite unique

Based on nature
As nature changes, so does MERIT. This means a regular minting cycle, circulating supply, and a burn mechanism. The amount of MERIT available depends on nature’s healthiness.
Currency of a green economy
Anything you can do with money today, you can do with MERIT in the future. By integrating MERIT into our daily life, we could give back to nature with every transaction.
Utility value
MERIT holds utility value as a contribution to ESG and sustainability goals. There’s a growing demand for companies to increase their environmental efforts and reporting.
Carbon and biodiversity
MERIT goes beyond carbon removal by incorporating indicators on carbon stocks and biodiversity. Nature needs to be valued as an integrated system.

Upcoming research and expansion

Single.Earth will further explore, expand, and modify our data collection to other types of ecosystems such as terrestrial ecosystems (e.g., peatlands, grasslands, croplands, etc.), transitional ecosystems including wetlands and intertidal zones, and coastal ecosystems (e.g., coastal wetlands, mangroves,etc.).

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