Single.Earth Raises $7.9M Led by EQT Ventures to Tokenize Nature

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July 7, 2021
Merit Valdsalu

We’re excited to announce that Single.Earth has raised a $7.9M Seed round and joined the EQT Ventures portfolio of future-proof companies. The round was joined by the previous investors,, and the founders of Pipedrive, Ragnar Sass and Martin Henk.

We’re thrilled to accelerate our growth with investors, driven by the shared purpose of saving the natural world. We’ll use the funding to launch a nature-backed MERIT tokens marketplace to make nature the new gold - and expand the team (we’re hiring!).

Read TechCrunch’s article on us: Single.Earth to link carbon credits to crypto token market, raises $7.9M from EQT Ventures.

Saving the world’s nature with MERIT tokens

Single.Earth is a platform that tokenizes nature for its ecological value - carbon sequestration, storage, and biodiversity. For the first time in history, nature is monetized for just being there, keeping ecosystems alive.

We turn the ecological value of nature into digital goods, called MERIT tokens. One MERIT is generated on the platform every time 100kg of CO2 is captured in biodiverse nature.

Here’s how Single.Earth creates MERIT tokens:

  • Onboarding real natural assets: We work with landowners who conserve and restore forests, wetlands, and other natural resources. Landowners who join Single.Earth can add their land to the platform.
  • Creating a digital twin of Earth: We combine satellite data, big data analysis, and machine learning to create a digital representation of how the world’s nature - and land added to our platform - sequesters carbon and holds biodiversity.
  • Issuing MERIT tokens: We generate one tradable MERIT token for every 100kg of CO2 captured in biodiverse nature in real-time. These tokens are issued to landowners who can easily sell them on the transparent and secure Single.Earth marketplace.

MERIT tokens are the first carbon instruments designed for natural climate solutions. It’s the new quality standard for carbon trading, tackling the climate and biodiversity crises together, as they should be.

We welcome all landowners to our platform - individually, institutionally, governmentally, and community-owned properties. The Single.Earth platform is designed to scale across the globe and provide transparent and easily accessible business models for landowners of all sizes and locations.

MERIT tokens are the first carbon instruments designed for natural climate solutions.

Registration opens for interest in MERIT tokens pre-sale

We’re beyond excited to open registration for interest in MERIT tokens pre-sale, scheduled to begin in late summer 2021. It’s a unique opportunity to be among the first to join the new financial reality, where the economy supports the protection of nature.  

MERIT tokens are a fascinating combination of environmental impact and financial profit that can be used in two ways:

  • Buy and trade: MERIT tokens are tradable and their price grows with increasing demand and rising global carbon prices. It’s a smart decision that yields profit and finances the protection of the nature around us. Register your interest for MERIT pre-sales.
  • Compensate for ecological footprint: MERIT tokens provide a transparent and auditable way to balance your CO2 footprint. Once you’ve used a MERIT token ‘up’ to contribute to global climate and biodiversity goals or compensate for your own carbon footprint, they can no longer be traded. Sign up and Merit your carbon footprint in nature.

Pre-sales for MERIT tokens start in late summer 2021, upon full compliance with financial regulations. MERIT tokens will be traded on the Single.Earth marketplace, scheduled for public opening at the end of 2021.

Register your interest for the pre-sale today to be among the first to buy the MERIT tokens and finance the protection of forests, wetlands, and other natural resources around us.


Exciting times are ahead and we’re humbled to embark on this journey together with EQT Ventures, our previous investors, the Single.Earth team, and the new team members joining in the coming months.

Saving the natural world and turning the economy upside down is going to be the mission of our lifetimes. If you’d like to be a part of this journey, join the Single.Earth team. See our open positions.

If you have any questions or ideas to share with us, feel free to reach out to us in the chat window located in the bottom right corner of the screen. We’re always happy to chat with people who share our values and mission.

Yours truly, Merit, Andrus, and team Single.Earth

Single.Earth is on a mission to help preserve and restore existing ecosystems.

Pre-register as a landowner through the registration link.
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