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Forests combat climate change

Protecting existing biodiverse forests and allowing them to grow into their full ecological potential is one of the most immediate and cost-effective solutions to bend the curves of biodiversity loss and climate change.

All sizes and use cases

Large conservation areas
Nature conservation is missing more than $100 billion each year. Single.Earth provides innovative financing to protect species, habitats, and landscapes.
Alternative to harvesting
A forest is an investment to many. Start practising sustainable forestry to earn passive income. Single.Earth makes nature protection financially rewarding.
Family lands for generations
Our lands and forests are home, nurturing families and souls. Small separately, impactful together. Single.Earth helps to take care of your family legacy.

Why partner with us

Free land assessment
Enter your lands to receive a preliminary land assessment. Free of charge.
No long-term contracts
You’ll earn MERIT tokens continuously as long as your forest stays intact.
Accessible to lands of all sizes
We currently accept landowners with at least 3 hectares of mature forest located within the EEA.
We use data science and AI to model environmental change and ecosystem services.
Transparent and secure
Blockchain technology facilitates secure and transparent transfers of MERIT tokens.
Your land will remain yours
The landowner keeps full ownership of the land.

Easy and secure MERIT Lands platform

For landowners, Single.Earth offers a simple one-point-of-contact platform for everything you need: managing your lands, tokens, and earnings.
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How to join

Single.Earth is a virtual ecosystem where landowners, people, and businesses come together to save nature. Join the community as a landowner.

Sign up for a preliminary assessment

Create an account and enter your lands to get a free preliminary assessment of their value. Explore the platform free of charge and without commitments.

Verify and apply

Get verified and apply to determine your eligibility. Today we accept mature forests (min. 3 ha) in the European Economic Area. Other applications will be waitlisted.

Receive and sell MERIT tokens

Get accepted and sign your agreement to start receiving MERIT tokens in your digital wallet. To earn income, put the tokens on sale on the Single.Earth platform.

Take good care of your lands

Receive new tokens regularly as long as your forest stays intact and is managed sustainably. If clearcutting or land conversion is detected, you won’t receive any more tokens.

Save rainforests in Amazon Brazil

Santa Natalia is located in the Arc of Deforestation - the area with the most rapid deforestation in the world. The forest is immensely biodiverse, providing habitat for 175 species and removing more than 104,000 tons of CO₂ from the atmosphere every year.
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Protect threatened forests in Europe

Smaller lands have extremely limited options to earn income for nature preservation. We work with landowners across Europe who commit to keeping their forests intact. Our goal is to make nature protection easy and profitable for lands of all sizes.

Support large conservation areas

Nature conservation is missing more than $100 billion each year. There’s an urgent need to increase protected areas globally and also find sustainable revenue sources for managing these areas. We are partnering with local communities and conservation organisations to sustainably protect species, habitats, and landscapes.
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Trusted by 1000+ landowners

Kaimo Rim, private forest owner in Estonia

“Single.Earth offers an excellent opportunity to earn additional income from forests. It helps to create a better balance between harvesting and extraction versus preservation. It also helps to avoid forest land conversion to alternative uses. Good luck to Single.Earth and congratulations for making it happen!”

Lauri Semevsky, private forest owner in Estonia

“We’ve been postponing cutting the trees for years while most neighbors have opted for clearcutting where possible. But we don't want to destroy the forest as it’s home to many species: foxes, rabbits, roe deer, occasional elks, storks, common cranes, and many more."

André Manfredini, Managing Director of Natural Resources Conservation Ltd

"The method to create a digital twin is as intriguing as translating actual nature into digital fashion. We thereupon joined forces with Single.Earth. Together, we hope to make it clear to the global society that we shouldn’t only rely on regulations and good character to protect the remaining nature we have. We as humans must understand that nature has a price that needs to compete financially with economical prices and with other land use prices, all to protect nature justly."

Land assessment and monitoring

Single.Earth's science team has developed frameworks and models for assessing nature’s ecological value. In addition, we perform a risk and impact assessment to prioritize ecologically valuable forests at high risk of destruction.
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Earn income for preserving forests

Preliminary land assessments are free, non-binding, and available for everyone.
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