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Explore how Single.Earth helps landowners earn income for preserving forests.

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Conserve nature, earn income

Single.Earth makes carbon removal and biodiversity tradeable to help save nature. Landowners and managers receive money in real-time as carbon gets captured on their lands. The new service enables forests, wetlands, and other natural resources to generate profit without being sold as raw materials.

Join us and fight against climate change and biodiversity loss while earning money for sustainable practices.
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Lands of all sizes and use cases

Conservation of large ecosystems

Nature conservation is expensive. It’s missing more than $100 billion each year. Single.Earth provides an innovative finance mechanism to protect species, habitats, and landscapes. Let’s help local communities maintain conservation as land use.

The forest has value well beyond timber

A forest is a business, an investment. We get that. Single.Earth makes nature protection financially rewarding – become a proud innovator and start practising sustainable forestry. Earn passive income for allowing your trees to grow.

Family lands, preserved for generations

To many, our lands and forests are home, nurturing our families and souls. They might be small but the impact they make together, is huge. Use Single.Earth to get the financial support to take care of your family legacy.

Forests first

Protecting existing biodiverse forests and allowing them to grow into their full ecological potential is one of the most immidiate and cost-effective proven solutions to bend the curves of biodiversity loss and climate change.

Starting with forests, Single.Earth aims to incentivize landowners (individuals, local communities, corporations) to manage their forests to maximize ecosystem services, including carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and other benefits consistent with nature-based solutions. Rather than prioritizing commercial timber harvesting, we propose shifting how we view forests and their economic value by valuing intact natural lands.

Our goal is to expand to wetlands, grasslands, croplands, and other natural resources in the upcoming years.

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*At this time, official onboarding is available for lands in the EEA region (European Economic Area) with at least 3 hectares of forest. Other applications will be waitlisted for future opportunities.

Receive and sell MERIT token to get a regular cashflow

Instead of one-time payments, landowners get a stream of income by selling the continuously issued tokens via the simple and secure Single.Earth platform.

*MERIT token sales will open during 2022.

Landowners on Single.Earth

150 hectares
Alternative to timber harvesting
300 hectares
Private, aim to conserve
73 hectares
Private, mature untouched forest
Brazil, Fazenda Santa Natalia
47,832 hectares
Amazon primary forest
44 hectares
Private, sustainable forestry
Brazil, Fazenda Boa Fe
434,630 hectares
Amazon primary forest

Digital Twin for automated land assessments

Digital twins are virtual representations of objects or processes from the physical world. Single. Earth's Digital Twin reflects the state of nature as accurately as possible, including essential parameters such as carbon removal and storage, water purification, and biodiversity. It's built to represent nature's features and monitor them in real-time.

In addition to asssessing and monitoring, the Digital Twin gives input to the MERIT minting process. Using blockchain technology, we can connect money with nature’s ability to sustain life.

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