Frequently asked questions


What is Single.Earth?
What is a MERIT token?
What makes the MERIT token unique?
How did we come up with the price of the MERIT token?
Can Single.Earth or MERIT tokens be used for carbon offsetting?
What is a Digital Twin?
Isn't blockchain technology bad for the environment?
What is the "nature-backed economy"?
Are there any fees?
Are there any risks associated with Single.Earth or MERIT tokens?

Token buyers

How can I buy MERIT tokens?
Why does Single.Earth ask for personal information about me?
Is MERIT token a stablecoin?
How many MERIT tokens are there?
Does the price have a ceiling?
When are MERITs burned?
What's the minting process?
Can I use MERIT tokens for trading?
What are the future plans for MERIT?


Who can join? What are the requirements?
Why do you ask this much information about me during the onboarding process?
Who will own the land once I join Single.Earth?
Is there a limit as to how much land I can submit?
Are landowners rewarded in FIAT currency or in MERIT tokens?
Can I do selective cutting and patch cutting of my forest after it's been onboarded?
If I am a landowner and sell MERIT tokens are there any taxes I should be aware of?


What is ESG reporting?
How does Single.Earth help you?
How can I make the contribution?
Once I contribute, how can we report on this?
How do we use the contribution?