Achieve ESG and sustainability goals

As a company, your goal is to grow your business. As a human, you want to make sure that the ecosystem remains healthy for generations to come. We’ll help you do both.
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Halt climate and biodiversity crises

Become nature-positive by protecting threatened forests, species, and ecosystems. Mature biodiverse forests remove and store carbon, hold biodiversity,
and help keep Earth healthy and habitable.
Finance nature protection directly to landowners
Science-based approach
Climate and biodiversity impact
Auditable and compliant with reporting
Choose a local or global contribution

Give back to nature with every purchase

Simply integrate the nature-positive micro-
contribution to your products or services. You can start from €0.01 and go up to 1€ or even more.

Empower your customers to give back to nature with every purchase they make. Turn them into a loyal community fighting for a common cause for a better future. People, especially younger generations, increasingly want to use the 'power in their wallets' to help nature instead of harming it.

Communicate your contribution

Investors and customers want to make informed choices about the impact on nature of the companies that they invest in and the goods they buy. Share the nature-positive impact your community is making.

certification and

Receive a Contribution Certificate with the
number of hectares supported over a year in a specific area and describe the environmental characteristics (Biodiversity Intactness Index, vulnerable or threatened species, and average annual carbon flux) of the forest plot.

Third-party verified compatibility with
disclosure elements provided under CSRD and ESRS E1 Climate change and ESRS E4
Biodiversity and ecosystems.

A sustainable, nature positive economy

Half of the world's GDP - around $44 trillion - is highly or moderately dependent on nature. And nature is also inextricablv linked with climate. In recognition of this dependency, G7 leaders announced in 2021 that "our world must not only become net-zero but also nature positive, for the benefit of both people and the planet". Contribute to achieving global climate and biodiversity goals.

How to contribute

Single.Earth is a virtual ecosystem where landowners, people, and businesses come together to save nature. Join the community as a team of nature positive people.

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Make a contribution

Sign up to the Business Contribution platform to compile and confirm your contribution. Choose between monthly, quarterly, or annual contributions.

Report and communicate

Receive a certificate and materials for your sustainability reporting and communication. Keep in mind: nature positive contributions do not allow compensation for emissions or biodiversity loss. Nature positive is good for nature, period.

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