Achieve your sustainability goals

Go beyond climate and net-zero goals and reach your company’s broader ESG goals with Single.Earth. Make a nature-positive contribution by financing forest preservation.

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Halt climate change and biodiversity loss

Single.Earth tokenizes nature for its ecological value and essential ecosystem services, capturing their merit in MERIT tokens. To enable tokenization and monitoring of nature (carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and carbon stocks), Single.Earth's in-house research and science team created a Digital Twin of the entire Earth.

For businesses, Single.Earth offers a simple, efficient, and credible way to tackle both climate change and biodiversity loss. With your contribution, forests will continue to remove and store carbon, hold biodiversity, and provide vital ecosystem services that make the planet habitable.
Certified contribution to your ESG goals
Science-based approach
Local impact and global reach
Support landowners directly, no middlemen
Easy and efficient process

Measurable and meaningful contribution

By supporting the preservation of mature biodiverse forests under high risk of destruction, your company will make a measurable contribution toward Sustainable Development Goals 13 and 15.

SDG 13: Climate action to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

SDG 15: Life on land to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, and halt biodiversity loss.

You’ll receive a Contribution Certificate with the number of hectares supported over a year in a specific area and describes the environmental characteristics (Biodiversity Intactness Index, vulnerable or threatened species, and average annual carbon flux) of the forest plot.

Go beyond offsetting

Humans depend on a healthy planet. Sadly, human activities are causing unprecedented environmental changes, leading to a lack of resources, rising temperatures, and dying lifeforms. Science affirms we've already crossed the safe operating limits for a livable Earth.

Given the urgency of the looming crisis, companies are challenged to think and act beyond offsetting and set holistic nature-related goals, including biodiversity. Single.Earth helps you contribute to broader global net zero targets rather than relying on offsetting one's emissions only. Nature-positive contributions can be an integral and regular part of your environmental efforts.

Protect mature threatened forests around the world

31% of the Earth is covered in forests – the best technology nature has for locking away carbon while providing habitat to diverse species.

Protecting existing forests that are likely threatened by destruction or land conversion is one of the most cost-effective, immediate, scalable, and proven solutions to the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Make a local contribution by supporting European landowners while also reaching the lungs of Earth in Amazon Brazil.

Become a nature-positive business

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Have a call with our consultant to walk you through the process and prepare a suitable contribution solution for your business.
Make your contribution
Sign up to the MERIT Contribution platform to compile and confirm your contribution. The process for business contributions is simple and does not involve transactions in cryptocurrencies.
Add to your reporting
Receive a Contribution Certificate to be added to your sustainability reporting. Note that these contributions do not allow compensating for greenhouse gas emissions or biodiversity loss elsewhere.

Single.Earth makes nature protection scalable and accessible

Landowners join Single.Earth

Single.Earth works with landowners, managers, and organizations who commit to preserving nature. Instead of harvesting and destroying healthy ecosystems, landowners get a regular financial support for allowing their forests to grow.

Digital Twin evaluates and monitors lands

Our science team uses satellite data, geospatial engineering, and machine learning to represent nature with a Global Digital Twin. The model allows us to automatically assess each plot of land for its forest coverage, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration.

Nature-backed MERIT tokens are issued

Based on ecological values, tokens are issued to landowners as long as the forest stays intact. Using blockchain technology, we can connect money with nature and create MERIT. If we detect unreconciled clearcutting or land conversion, we cease minting.

MERIT Contribution platform for businesses

Businesses can use MERIT to make a nature-positive contribution by “burning” tokens and receiving a Contribution Certificate in return. It's also possible to buy MERIT as a virtual asset to trade and use in the future. Both business contributors and token holders contribute to building the world’s first nature-backed economy that values living nature.

Science and technology for nature’s benefit

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Over a 1000 landowners on Single.Earth

150 hectares
Alternative to timber harvesting
300 hectares
Private, aim to conserve
73 hectares
Private, mature untouched forest
Brazil, Fazenda Santa Natalia
47,832 hectares
Amazon primary forest
44 hectares
Private, sustainable forestry
50 hectares
Sustainable management

Become nature-positive with Single.Earth

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