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The planet is running out of time

Single.Earth was founded to tackle one of the most critical challenges facing humankind: the destruction of ecosystems that support life.

Until now, nature has been monetized primarily as raw material. While healthy ecosystems have an enormous existential value, they have little value in the modern extractive economy, ultimately leading to the depletion of nature and natural resources on our finite planet.

What if nature could also be valued for its vital contributions to people, like clean air and climate regulation? Single.Earth aims to shift the current paradigm and incentivize landowners to protect the ecosystems that make this planet habitable.

Our goals

Increase the conserved  area of existing biodiverse forests globally.
Single.Earth’s main goal is to develop scalable business models that support nature conservation. Protecting existing biodiverse forests is the most effective proven way to halt climate change and biodiversity loss.
Give fair and easy access to landowners of all sizes.
Thanks to our global Digital Twin models, we can offer credible, free of charge, and efficient land assessment. The market entry barriers are notably lowered compared to carbon projects. This provides a unique opportunity to evaluate, tokenize, and sell on the same platform.
Enable everyone to easily contribute and participate in protecting nature.
By implementing MERIT as a currency in all daily transactions between people-businesses-institutions we create a sustainable economy that balances consumption with nature's capabilities. We aim to empower individuals, businesses, landowners to become the protectors of nature.

Our journey

July 2021
Raised $7.9M from EQT Ventures and Icebreaker
Oct 2021
Pre-registration opens for landowners; waitlisting available for token buyers
Dec 2021
Received the virtual asset service provider licence
Jan 2022
The Digital Twin and land assessment methodology launches for early beta testing
April 2022
Single.Earth's platform for landowners launches in closed beta; offering preliminary land assessments
July 2022
Landowner's platform public launch; accepting lands in EEA with at least 3 hectares of forest
Aug 2022
Introducing the MERIT Ecosystem Integrity Index which includes carbon stock and biodiversity indicators
In 2022
Single.Earth opens for token buyers; MERIT token sales available for EEA accounts
To value nature for more than just its raw materials, Single Earth uses satellite imagery twinned with big data analytics and an element of machine learning (ML) to detail the degree to which any place on the planet absorbs CO2 and maintains its level of biodiversity health.
Instead of linking carbon and biodiversity credits to the sale of raw materials such as forests, which cause CO2, what if you linked them to crypto tokens, and thus kept these CO2-producing materials in the ground?
Everyone wants to get paid for doing nothing. Novel venture capital group Single Earth has found just the right way for property owners to do exactly that.

People of Single.Earth

Single.Earth has quickly become one of the fastest-growing startups in the GreenTech space. We’re constantly looking for people inspired by our mission to join our business, technology, and science teams.

25 languages spoken
14 countries represented
78 international team members
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Merit Valdsalu
Co-Founder, CEO
Environmentalist, equal rights, ex-Pipedrive
Andrus Aaslaid
Co-Founder, CTO
Lifelong engineer, Estonian
e-government visionary
Jaanus Lillenberg
Chief Development Officer
Seasoned ICT director
Jens Kasemets
Chief Product Officer
Ex-Skype, ex-Wire, web3 enthusiast
Jaan Priisalu
Chief Security Officer
Former Head of Estonian Cybersecurity
Gerd Laub
Chief Legal Officer
20+ years in financial regulation and law
Donalda Karnauskaite
Head of Research, PhD
Natural Climate Solutions, biodiversity and carbon
Jüri Sildam
Data Science Lead, PhD
PhD in oceanography, previously in NATO
Francois Barnard
Natural Capital Lead
Sustainable development, conservation finance
Birgit Aru
Head of Standards and Frameworks
Consultant on sustainability and climate policy frameworks,
ex- European Commission
Maarika Truu
Head of Sales & Partnerships
Experienced sales leader and startup consultant, ex-Pipedrive
Liisi Ruuse
Head of Digital Marketing
Growth strategist, startup marketing
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Our investors

Sandra Malmberg, Principal at EQT Ventures

“Forests are the foundation of life, but they are increasingly under threat from deforestation and forest degradation. We need to give nature an inherent value for being kept as it is. Single.Earth is doing exactly that by rewarding landowners to preserve the ecosystem that keeps us alive while offering companies and individuals the opportunity to compensate and contribute by buying MERIT tokens. An exciting new approach.”

Ragnar Sass, Co-Founder of Pipedrive & Salto

“Forests are one of the most important ecosystems on this planet. We all depend on biodiverse forests and we all must step up to protect them. Single.Earth is by far the easiest and most reliable way of doing it.”

Martin Henk, Co-Founder of Pipedrive and Eventornado

“Climate change is real, it’s already here and it’s not good. One of the ways we keep making it worse is cutting down forests. Many people simply don’t have a choice. They need to make an income and the alternatives to cutting have been non-existent, too complicated or not accessible to most. Until now. The amazing team at Single.Earth is building a viable alternative by which people can make money and save the planet at the same time. If that isn’t a win-win situation I don’t know what is.”

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