10 Must Know FAQs About EUDR Traceability and Geolocation

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October 4, 2023

In our quest to comprehend the European Union's Regulation on deforestation-free products (EUDR), let's clarify one of its vital aspects: traceability. To shed light on this critical element, we've compiled a list of the ten most frequently asked questions regarding traceability under the EUDR.

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EUDR Geolocation Coordinates Requirement

EUDR mandates collecting geographic coordinates of land where commodities are produced, which is crucial for verifying the absence of deforestation. Various methods, including mobile apps and GIS, can be used. Failure to provide coordinates violates the Regulation.

Every Batch Traceability under EUDR

Operators and traders (except SMEs) must trace each commodity batch to its specific land plot before market placement or export, ensuring full traceability.

Traceability for Bulk or Composite Products with EUDR

For bulk products, all involved land plots must be identified. Composite products require geolocation of all land plots where relevant commodities were produced, ensuring no deforestation links.

Mass Balance Chains Not Allowed

No, mixing deforestation-free and unknown-origin commodities is prohibited. Complete identity preservation is mandatory.

Non-Compliant Shipment Handling

Non-compliant portions must be identified and separated from compliant products; failure risks the entire shipment's non-compliance.

"Plot of Land" Definition in EUDR

A "plot of land" refers to a single recognized real estate property where commodities are produced, with homogeneous conditions for deforestation risk assessment.

Handling Public or Communal Land

Even without formal land registries, commodities must be produced or harvested on designated land, which can be de facto.

EUDR Geolocation in Areas Without Land Registers

Farmers can collect data via mobile phones, even without formal land records, ensuring compliance with national laws.

Producers vs. Operators

Producers not placing products on the Union market are exempt. Operators must guarantee geolocation data matches commodity origin.

EUDR Geolocation Accuracy Verification

Operators must ensure geolocation data accuracy; incorrect data is a violation.

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