Single.Earth goes live: nature protection now accessible for everyone

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September 27, 2022

Saving the planet from the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss is an enormous undertaking needing collective action. The MERIT token, created by Single.Earth, puts nature at the heart of the economy, giving everyone a simple yet efficient way to protect nature. 

On September 27, we officially opened our platform to three essential participants of the new nature-backed economy: token buyers, landowners, and businesses. 

Individuals and businesses can buy MERIT from landowners as a direct nature-positive contribution to achieving sustainability goals or as a virtual asset that helps build the world’s first nature-backed digital currency and, thus, integrate nature protection into our daily lives.

1 MERIT = 3 EUR (opening price) = 100 kg of CO₂ captured in biodiverse nature (indicators on carbon stocks and biodiversity added soon). 

Individual and corporate token buyers can purchase MERIT tokens from landowners via MERIT Marketplace. With each MERIT, token holders protect Amazon's primary rainforests in Brazil and mature threatened forests in Europe while receiving a virtual asset based on real-life nature. In the first phase, the tokens are held in the Single.Earth custodial wallet. Trading, external wallets, and exchanges will be announced in 2023. 

“I hope more people will become aware and invest in this project to really make a difference in the (eco)systems of today.” 

– Merijn F. from Netherlands

“If I can be a little part of protecting the Amazon, rebuilding forests in Africa, and turning the negative trend of the climate crisis – it is all I wish, really.” 

– Hans E. from Sweden

“Single.Earth is making it possible to protect nature by just holding a token. Currently, there are no good ways for a person to protect forests.” 

– Kairo K. from Estonia

Landowners can enter their lands for ecological assessment and start earning MERIT tokens via the MERIT Lands platform. Preliminary land assessments are free, non-binding, and available for all landowners. However, during official assessments, we verify, select, and prioritize forests under high risk of destruction, with at least 3 hectares in the European Economic Area. 

“Single.Earth offers an excellent opportunity to earn additional income from forests. It helps to create a better balance between harvesting and extraction versus preservation. It also helps to avoid forest land conversion to alternative uses. Good luck to Single.Earth and congratulations for making it happen!” 

– Kaimo Rim, private forest owner in Estonia

Businesses can achieve their sustainability goals with direct nature-positive contributions via the MERIT Contribution platform. The process for business contributions is simplified and does not involve transactions in cryptocurrencies. Businesses will make a measurable contribution toward Sustainable Development Goals 13 (Climate action) and 15 (Life on land) and receive a Contribution Certificate showcasing their support for holistic nature protection.

We’re also available to discuss partnerships for custom solutions and collaborations. Get in touch with us by writing to 

“The idea of connecting monetary rewards with the healthiness of nature got our attention. We want to do more than the bare minimum (offsetting unavoidable emissions). Single.Earth’s approach perfectly fits into our expanding actions: preserving nature as it is.” 

– Christoph Wiederhold, founder of HappyHire

MERIT is the basis of a fully sustainable nature-backed economy

The first major flaw in the current economic system is that the biosphere is disconnected from the economy. None of the vital ecosystem services that nature provides, including CO₂ absorption and biodiversity, have value in the economy. 

The current economy incentivizes nature destruction and, by that, pushes us to systematically exceed planetary boundaries. Science confirms that we’ve already crossed the safe operating limits for a livable Earth and are heading towards an irreversible crisis. Climate change and biodiversity loss are humankind’s most significant challenges today.

MERIT was created to help us get back within planetary boundaries and balance the economy with nature’s capacity. 

Every MERIT token represents and protects ecosystem services – the work nature does to keep the planet habitable. To assess and monitor the ecological values of nature, our science team uses satellite data, geospatial engineering, and machine learning to represent nature with a global Digital Twin. Using blockchain technology, we can connect money with nature and create MERIT. 

The tokens are issued to landowners as long as the forest stays intact. If we detect unreconciled clearcutting or land conversion, the minting of new tokens stops. Instead of harvesting, landowners get a regular income for keeping their forests intact.

The full impact of the MERIT currency emerges when it is widely used for daily transactions that contribute to nature preservation. MERIT could seamlessly integrate paying for ecosystem services into our daily lives and the economy. 

Now we turn to you – people, landowners, and businesses – join the nature-backed economy and use MERIT to create a truly sustainable future.

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