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Every MERIT in your wallet is an investment into a greener future for the planet and you.

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What is MERIT

MERIT is a new virtual currency that puts nature at the heart of everything.

Every token represents and protects 'the work nature does' to keep the planet habitable (called ecosystem services). The tokens are issued to landowners based on the ecological value of their lands for as long as nature is preserved.

1 MERIT = 100 kg of CO₂ captured in biodiverse nature

What makes MERIT unique

Based on nature

As nature changes, so does MERIT. This means a regular minting cycle, no fixed supply, and a burn mechanism. The amount of tokens in circulation is ultimately limited by the planetary boundaries. That’s how we build a truly sustainable nature-based economy.

Designed to become a daily currency

As MERIT is designed to become a payment instrument, it needs price stability. Anything you can do with your money today, you could do with MERIT in the future. By integrating MERIT into our daily purchases, we could give back to nature with every transaction.

Utility value as a sustainability contribution

The price stability is connected to the real-life utility value of MERIT. ESG disclosure and due diligence regulations are enforced on many large companies and financial market participants over the coming years. Companies increasingly improve and report on their ESG performance voluntarily to meet investor and consumer demands and to create a competitive edge.

Carbon and biodiversity

MERIT aims to go beyond carbon removal only by incorporating additional indicators on carbon stocks and biodiversity. Nature needs to be valued as an integrated system.

How is MERIT created

To link MERIT to nature, Single.Earth's in-house science team has developed a framework for assessing the ecological value of nature: the biodiversity hosted and the provision of ecosystem services.

The Digital Twin model is built to represent nature's features and monitor them to ensure we only issue MERIT tokens to the landowner as long as the forest stays intact and is managed sustainably. If we detect unreconciled clearcutting or land conversion, we cease minting MERIT tokens.

The Digital Twin is constantly updated and improved while ensuring transparency and reproducibility by storing the underlying code on an open-access GitHub repository.

Where do we get the data?
• Satellite imagery
• Ground data
• Various databases on climate,
biodiversity, environment, and
socio-economic sectors
What does the map show?
• Natural and semi-natural ecosystems
• Conservation status
• Ecosystem services
• Hosted biodiversity
• Land use and occupation

Get started today

Sign up to MERIT Marketplace and get verified

MERIT allows anyone to contribute – no crypto experience or wallet required. All initial transactions are made on the secure MERIT token Marketplace. It's up to you if you want to take the token to external wallets and exchanges later on.

Buy and hold tokens

In this phase, it's possible to buy MERIT tokens via bank transfers and hold them in the Single.Earth custodial wallet. The opening price is fixed at 3€ with the minimum amount of 10 tokens.


Information about trading opportunities, external wallets, and exchanges will become available in 2022 Q4. Sign up to be the first to know about updates and further details. Please note that transactions in MERIT entail risks, read our Risk Disclosure Statement carefully.

MERIT Pay and other opportunities

Use nature-backed MERIT as any regular currency. We’ll constantly be creating new use cases for the tokens so that eventually, everything you can do with your money today, you will be able to do with MERIT.

Readings from the natural world

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Our investors

Sandra Malmberg, Principal at EQT Ventures

“Forests are the foundation of life, but they are increasingly under threat from deforestation and forest degradation. We need to give nature an inherent value for being kept as it is. Single.Earth is doing exactly that by rewarding landowners to preserve the ecosystem that keeps us alive while offering companies and individuals the opportunity to compensate and contribute by buying MERIT tokens. An exciting new approach.”

Ragnar Sass, Co-Founder of Pipedrive & Salto

“Forests are one of the most important ecosystems on this planet. We all depend on biodiverse forests and we all must step up to protect them. Single.Earth is by far the easiest and most reliable way of doing it.”

Martin Henk, Co-Founder of Pipedrive and Eventornado

“Climate change is real, it’s already here and it’s not good. One of the ways we keep making it worse is cutting down forests. Many people simply don’t have a choice. They need to make an income and the alternatives to cutting have been non-existent, too complicated or not accessible to most. Until now. The amazing team at Single.Earth is building a viable alternative by which people can make money and save the planet at the same time. If that isn’t a win-win situation I don’t know what is.”

Invest into a green future with MERIT tokens

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