Single.Earth Wins UNESCO Innovation Award

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April 13, 2022

Single.Earth wins the UNESCO Netexplo Innovation Award 2022 for protecting nature by making conservation profitable. Single.Earth was selected as one of the award winners from 3,000 technology initiatives.

The mission of Netexplo is to present and showcase the trends that underlie and represent the latest applications of technology from all parts of the world.

The Innovation Forum, which UNESCO and Netexplo Observatory have co-hosted since 2011, addresses challenges relating to digital developments and seeks to harness them to build inclusive knowledge societies and support sustainable development.

“We take a humanist, critical and constructive view of innovation. It’s not about the tech; it’s about what you can do with it. We stay ahead of the curve by tracking weak signals,” the organizers said.

“We’ve had huge progress in the past two years, and it’s really great to see that this is now highlighted as innovation, this crazy idea. We are really, really humbled to get this recognition,” said Single.Earth co-founder and CEO Merit Valdsalu.

Enrique Dans, professor of digital marketing and management at IE Business School Madrid, saw the idea, which combines two of his focus areas - climate and crypto - as very interesting.

“I’m sure we will be seeing many proponents of this type of mechanism, creating cryptocurrencies in exchange for something that helps us fight the climate emergency. It’s like placing a long bet on the future of our planet, which is extremely important. That is something that we definitely need to do,” Dans said at the awards ceremony.

The Innovation Award Winners from previous years include Tidal, Clubhouse, and Slack. This year Netexplo picked 10 award winners from 3,000 innovations worldwide in every field, from art and education to business and sustainable development, for a wide-ranging, multicultural selection.

Single.Earth is on a mission to help preserve and restore existing ecosystems.

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