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November 2, 2022

As climate change and biodiversity loss threaten us all, more businesses are looking to take climate action. 

Meet Christoph, the founder of the Impact Recruitment Agency HappyHire. For him, whether to operate his business sustainably wasn’t ever a question. His challenge was how to find the right partner who delivers on climate-action promises.

Christoph founded HappyHire to follow his passion and help more impact start-and scaleups find the right talent to tackle the biggest challenges of our time: “Being a dad added a lot of urgency to finding my role in what kind of planet we leave behind for the generations to come.”

Cheap emissions offsetting won’t stop climate change

From the beginning of running his business, Christoph has taken sustainability seriously and sought partners who deliver on climate-action promises. Sadly, there are a lot of companies out there with false pledges. 

HappyHire’s climate principles are:

  1. Measure and design their operations as emission-lean as possible.
  2. Only collaborate with clients, candidates, and partners who share their beliefs and take positive climate action.
  3. Ask themselves if future generations will approve of the efforts.

The struggle is that there are a lot of offers out there, but not all are as sustainable as they first appear to be. 

“I wanted HappyHire’s operations to be as climate-friendly as possible. Frankly, I was shocked to learn how cheap it is to simply offset emissions for a fully remote agency in 2020.”

Like many other business owners, Christoph was after solutions that allows a measurable and meaningful climate contribution. 

HappyHire and Single.Earth: measurable climate impact 

HappyHire searched for a simple, efficient, and credible way to tackle both climate change and biodiversity loss. That’s when Christoph found Single.Earth: “I got introduced to the idea of connecting monetary rewards with the healthiness of nature very early on and I got curious right away.”

The collaboration means that for a year, forests are kept intact:

🐞 1.22 ha of biodiverse forests are protected
🐞 10 t of CO₂ is stored
🐞 vulnerable species like red-breasted geese, red-footed falcons, long-tailed ducks, and others still have a home 

HappyHire made a measurable contribution toward Sustainable Development Goals 13 and 15 and received a Contribution Certificate from Single.Earth, possible to be added to sustainability reporting.

In the Contribution Service, a company can choose which area to protect:

  • rainforests in Amazon Brazil, one of the most deforested areas in the world
  • threatened mature forests in Europe that can now be protected

For local impact, HappyHire is contributing to forest protection in Europe.

“Single.Earth’s approach perfectly fits into our expanding actions by doing more than the bare minimum (offsetting unavoidable emissions), but rather introducing a new incentive to the value chain. Preserving nature as it is and taking good care of it, all to keep its natural and financial value,” said Christoph. 

Achieve your company’s sustainability goals

Your company can too make a nature-positive contribution by financing forest preservation.

Single.Earth helps your business to: 

🌱 go beyond climate and net-zero targets
🌱 reach the company’s broader ESG and sustainability goals

With your contribution, forests will continue to remove and store carbon, hold biodiversity, and provide vital ecosystem services that make the planet habitable.

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