Jüri Sildam: It’s an Honor and Excellent Opportunity to Contribute to Single.Earth

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January 28, 2022
Jüri Sildam

I believe that no scientist would easily make the statement:  ‘I want to change the world’. But that’s exactly what Single.Earth has done with one of its slogans. However, being part of a broad scientific community concerned with social well-being and the integrity of nature, I understand this statement from a different perspective.

I joined Single Earth in August 2021. In January that year, I’d started thinking more and more about startups trying to redirect our (i.e. human) behavior of over-consumption towards a new dimension that benefits rather than exploits nature. At one point, I was listening to an interview with the GrünFin founders. It made me realize that there should be more possibilities for nature conservation in addition to existing and future efforts that are based only on government regulations.

Later, I dug deeper into what had been written about this. I came across a blog quoting Stephen Hawking: “The astrophysicist argued that humans were diminishing the Earth’s resources far faster than nature or technology could possibly replace them.” Hawking blamed human greed and stupidity for the impending climate disaster.

I feel that being part of Single.Earth’s mission to develop a new dimension of financial incentives for nature conservation is an honor and an excellent opportunity to contribute. This mission, if successful, could make my children and grandchildren proud that I had been a part of this outstanding work.

Jüri Sildam is the Data Science Lead at Single.Earth. He has worked as a data scientist at Pipedrive and NATO.

Single.Earth is on a mission to help preserve and restore existing ecosystems.

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