Single.Earth’s NatureBacked: The No. 1 Green Money Podcast in the U.S.

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June 21, 2022

In February 2022, Single.Earth launched the NatureBacked Podcast as part of our mission to spread the word about a greener economy. 

In the episodes, we speak with investors about their views on climate emergencies and how they make their bets in increasingly heated sectors. The guests are from firms that manage large climate tech funds or invest in the area.

So far, the adventure (What else would you call launching a new media?) has been successful. In the key market of the United States, the podcast has reached the No. 5 spot among the investment podcasts on Apple charts and is regularly in the Top 10. 

There is no chart dedicated to green investing, but we can see that no other investment podcast at the top of the charts is focused on the environment.

This is surprising, as climate emergency is making headlines around the world, and there is an increasing amount of funding available for climate tech startups, with the hope that they will rise to the challenges that have been too massive for the planet so far.

“People are becoming more aware of the issue we’re facing that this planet will not be able to hold us all, or at least not stand everything we do or would like to do. And that, on the other hand, brings a massive amount of opportunities,” said Aleksi Partanen from Icebreaker.VC, an early investor in Single.Earth.

One of the most memorable episodes was Episode 7 with Hampus Jakobsson, co-founder of Malmö-headquartered, 87-million-euro climate fund Pale Blue Dot. 

One of his key messages was that we need to take climate more seriously.

“I always try to tell people that for me, the climate — we have to start looking at it like, like child pornography, pedophilia, or child labor or something,” Jakobsson said in the interview. “I think that that’s the way we should approach some of these problems, saying no, no, no, no, I’m not after that best child labor camp. I’m after no child labor.”

Jakobsson presented some rather radical views on how to fix the situation. At the same time, looking at the latest IPCC reports, the world desperately needs radical solutions.

“I would love governments to say: you have to solve this problem. And we have to decide how hard that solving is. And if you haven’t done it, if you’re the CEO of an oil company, you will go to jail in 2030. But we’re going to be super nice. We’re not going to throw you to jail now, 2022. So we’re just gonna say for the coming years, there are fines, and the fines are going to increase in scale, but in 2030 you will go to jail. So you go to jail, your biggest shareholders go to jail, your board goes to jail,” Jakobsson said.

Some investors are leading by example, changing their flights to train rides or dropping meat from their menus.

“Ultimately, we all need to learn to be less greedy and think about the world we’re building for generations to come. And that’s not five generations down the line. I’m talking about our children: my children, your children, and it’s very, very near. So I think that the idea that investors need to be doing much, much more is super important,” said Balderton’s Shikha Ahluwalia.


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