The Forest Saver Project: What It Is and Its Results

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January 15, 2021

In January 2021 Single.Earth went live with Forest Saver: a digital twin of the World’s nature with a possibility to vote on lands to be saved. The project ended in June 2021 and the results were amazing.

What did we learn from the project?

  • 304 people placed hearts and showed they cared about nature
  • 1775 hearts = 1775 different natural places people really wanted to protect
  • 81 different countries had hearts on them
  • most hearts were in Estonia 🇪🇪, Canada 🇨🇦, Brazil 🇧🇷, Germany 🇩🇪, and USA 🇺🇸

The following post was our “We-went-live-hooray!” and we’ll leave it here as a memory of a successful Forest Saver project.

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We’re super excited to announce that Single.Earth is live 🎉

We’re ready to enroll the first users to help us spend an initial $3.900.000 on saving forests, wetlands, and other natural resources.

If you share our enthusiasm to save our planet, you simply need to take these next steps;

  1. Head over to Single.Earth to sign up
  2. Fill our global nature reserve map with hearts and help us choose the first areas in need of immediate protection
  3. Share your actions with others and invite them to join the movement!

No rules or limitations apply - it can be a forest threatened by clear-cuts near your home or a wetland that’s about to be dug up on the other side of the world. If it’s nature in danger and important to you, we want to know!

Let’s save our planet together, starting from our backyards

That’s what Single.Earth is all about.

Local people (like you!) are best placed to know what threats nature is facing. We want to give you a place to voice these concerns to help fix these problems for good.

We preserve forests, wetlands, and other natural resources as healthy ecosystems.

💚 Place a heart on the areas that need protection on our global nature reserve map. We’ll combine the votes with the forests’ ecological value to prioritize which of them will be saved with the first $3.9 million.

The more hearts an area receives, the more likely it is to be saved in the first wave. Easy, right?

💚 Invite your friends to join the movement by sharing your actions at Single.Earth. Our goal is to crowdsource our planet’s problems that need solving. The more people that join the movement, the faster we can accelerate saving our single Earth.

If everyone invites just three friends to join, how quickly can we get every person with internet access to join in helping us save the world?

Nature around us is dying

The natural world around us is decreasing at an alarming rate. We’ve lost more than 1.3 million km2 of forests since 1990 - an area larger than France and Germany combined. At the same time, half the world’s wetlands have been destroyed, despite holding massive ecological value that we cannot live without.

We can’t afford to any more habitat loss because:

  • Forests, wetlands, and other natural resources remove CO2 from the atmosphere and store it in their biomass and soil for centuries. Nature is one of the cheapest and most effective ways of reducing carbon concentrations in the atmosphere to halt accelerating climate change. These carbon sinks are essential for overcoming the climate crisis.

Nature provides habitats for millions of species, including ourselves, and we need biodiversity around us to survive. Intensive land use is driving biodiversity loss and pushing us closer and closer to an ecological collapse. We’ve already witnessed 25 times higher extinction rates in the past decades than under normal conditions. Sadly, we humans are to blame.

Mass extinction will not just wipe off an enormous amount of cuteness from the planet in the form of polar bears and red pandas; it will also leave us without the ecosystem services that provide us with water, air, and food to eat.

We’re building a global community to tackle the biggest threats we’re facing as humankind. We crowdsource the natural areas that local people consider the most important to save and take action through our platform.

Lead the change through the private sector

You - the users of the products and services that the private sector offers - have the power to make businesses protect the nature.

You, above all legislation and politics, have control over how companies treat nature.

You don’t have to wait for governments to act.

You can lead the change through the private sector.

Take action today:

Choose sustainable brands. Consume sustainable products and services by seeking out zero-emission or carbon-neutral brands.

Ask businesses about their impact on the environment. Where do they get their raw materials? How do they compensate for their emissions and activities? Are they striving for nature protection and carbon neutrality?

Demand sustainable products and services. Get in touch with the companies you’d like to see go green, tag them on social media posts, be public and upfront with your requests to show the demand for sustainability.

💚 Place a heart on an area to save on Single.Earth. Businesses that want to get with the times and be sustainable will be happy to save the natural resources dear to their customers’ hearts - and, by that, compensate for their carbon footprint.

Businesses spend billions of dollars on marketing, PR, and now also sustainability. Let’s help them make the most out of those investments and tell them which forests, wetlands, and other natural resources to save with Single.Earth.

We’re beyond excited to have you with us. Saving the natural world is going to be an epic journey, and we’re thrilled to take the quest with a global community of people who genuinely care about nature and wildlife.

Our mission is to organize collaboration between people around the world to make sure humankind survives. We create synergy between consumers, businesses, MERIT token buyers, researchers, and landowners to create a sustainable future for us all.

Through cleantech, carbon offsets, and sustainable investment opportunities, Earth can be saved.

Now, finally, go and place a heart on the places that need to get saved first!

You have the power to make a change. Use it wisely and tell your friends to do the same.

Welcome to Single.Earth!

Merit, Andrus, and team Single.Earth

Single.Earth is on a mission to help preserve and restore existing ecosystems.

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