Trader on a Steep Learning Curve When Building New Green Marketplace

Single.Earth News
June 15, 2022
Alo Vallikivi

When I first heard about Single.Earth and its idea to support forest and land owners to protect nature, I appreciated its simplicity. Single.Earth wants to collect green thinkers’ money and pass it on to forest owners who will let their forests grow and capture CO2 instead of creating dodgy greenwashing schemes. So it wasn’t a tough decision to join the team fighting for a greener future. 

Single.Earth’s core idea is straightforward, but details are always where the devil hides. So when I joined Single.Earth, wanting to change the world, I could have never imagined how many challenges I would encounter along the way: verification, tokenization, money laundering, taxation, staking, and so on. 

But so far, it has been a fascinating, educational journey with a steep learning curve. Besides new lessons about crypto and the nature conservation world, I have learned a lot about how the green industry works, where it comes from, and where it is going. Also, I have learned that big ideas do not come to fruition overnight; you have to be patient. 

It is so cool to see so many different people working together to reach the ultimate goal: to change the world and save the planet. These people come from diverse fields, from environmental sciences and IT development to from cryptography and data science. I bring trading expertise from my previous experience in stock markets. I hope that different views and ideas will generate success, bringing us a step closer to a greener and better world. 

Alo is the leader of Single.Earth’s Marketplace. Previously he had a long career at LHV, the largest local bank in Estonia, where he started as a trader and later headed its brokerage for ten years.

Single.Earth is on a mission to help preserve and restore existing ecosystems.

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