Marit Saul: Hacking the Core Problem In Nature Protection

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October 14, 2021
Marit Saul

Forest and nature have a special place in my heart. I feel like I’m among one of the last generations, in Estonia at least, who can say that spending summers in the countryside, taking care of animals, and wandering around the fields and forests is a norm rather than an exception.

I’m worried about the path that we’re taking of cutting down too many trees to make a profit or destroying biodiversity to create "prettier" places for people. We put so much effort into wanting to live better that we forget we won’t live at all without nature.

I joined Single.Earth because the mission spoke to me. It represented the opportunity to do something about what I am most afraid of.

It’s a brilliant idea to make saving nature and keeping it intact a business model for different stakeholders. People have been talking about CO2 levels and climate change for decades, but Single.Earth has hacked the core issue - the only way to save the planet in a capitalist world is to make profit a part of it.

When I’m not working on turning the Single.Earth's idea into practice, you can find me in the woods, hugging trees and forest bathing. This is proven to boost the immune system and mental health - both of which are essential, especially in today's world.


Marit Saul is Head of Legal at Single.Earth. Before joining Single.Earth she worked at Drops, overseeing its sales to Kahoot!

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