How Much CO2 Does Your Forest Absorb?

Sustainable Forestry
September 24, 2021
Avely Pütsep

Forests are an integral part of mitigating climate change.

Just a few important roles forests play:

  • regulating ecosystems
  • protecting biodiversity
  • absorbing and storing carbon
  • supporting livelihoods

Forest owners are increasingly receiving comments like “leave your forest alone”, which can be a hard task if you need the money you’d usually get from a clear-cut.

Luckily, it’s now possible to manage your land sustainably and earn money from it based on how much carbon your forest sequesters.

Therefore, the valid question “how much CO2 does my forest absorb?” is raised.

In this post you’ll find out:

🌿 How to calculate how much carbon your forest absorbs

🌿 Which trees absorb the most carbon

🌿 Whether sustainable land management is the answer

How do you know how much carbon your forest absorbs?

Forests absorb twice as much carbon as they emit every year, says a study from 2021.

How do you calculate how much carbon your forest sequesters (captures + absorbs)?

Start by determining the total green and dry weight of the tree, then determine the weight of carbon in the tree. From that, you can calculate the weight of carbon dioxide sequestered in the tree.

Easy! Well, not really.

🌲 If you want to manage your forest sustainably and find out how much carbon your forest absorbs, contact our Sustainable Forests Manager.

🌲 Learn more about carbon sequestration from this CO2 calculation guide.

Pines, oaks, mangroves, and some other evergreen trees are known to be good carbon absorbers.

Which trees absorb the most carbon?

Good question, because it does depend on the tree: some trees absorb less, some more.

Pines, oaks, mangroves, and some other evergreen trees are known to be good carbon absorbers.

We're working on a blog post on what makes a tree absorb carbon well and which specific trees are good at absorbing carbon, so look out for that!

Is sustainable land management the answer?


How can we mitigate climate change? Sustainable land management.

How can forests keep storing and absorbing carbon? Sustainable land management.

How do I make money from my forest? Sustainable land management.


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