6 Reasons to Manage Your Forest Sustainably with Single.Earth And Make Money From Saving The Planet

Sustainable Forestry
September 16, 2021
Avely Pütsep

We’re in the midst of a climate crisis, there’s no doubt about that. Around 17% of the Amazonian rainforest has been cut in the last 50 years. Between 1990 and 2016, we lost more forests than the size of South Africa. The last IPCC report just confirmed the severity of the situation.

You - as a forest owner - have a crucial part in halting climate change through sustainable forest management: to keep ecosystems intact which, in turn, will continue absorbing carbon.

With Single.Earth, you:

🌿 get paid for “doing nothing”: for not clearcutting forests, destroying wetlands, or putting in mines.

🌿 don’t need middlemen, resellers, agencies, or any outside help.

🌿 gain the ability and know-how to easily be the decision-maker of your forest and co-saver of Earth.

Interested in how to make money from your land while finding solutions to deforestation? Here are six reasons to consider sustainable forestry with Single.Earth:

1. You don’t want to (clear)cut your forest but still want to earn money

Problem: Often a forest owner’s only choice to make money is to clearcut as, in our current economic model, timber wood is valued, not the biodiversity or carbon the land holds. This is not good for the environment.

Single.Earth’s solution: Joining the Single.Earth platform will help you easily earn extra income without (clear)cutting your forest. It is allowed to sustainably manage your forest with management methods like selective cutting to make sure that the ecosystem stays intact, of course.

2. Get additional revenue stream from protected areas

Problem: How much is an acre of land worth? If land is under protection, the forest owner may think there’s no way to make money from it.

Why would an area be protected?

  • An endangered species lives there
  • Plants under protection grow there
  • Many other reasons set to halt biodiversity loss and keep ecosystems intact

Single.Earth’s solution:  At Single.Earth you can join our platform even if you have someone or something on your land that can’t be harmed.

Because you can earn money by simply keeping your land as it is, all species living or growing there will stay safe. And isn’t it what we all need (and should want): to keep forests, nature, and biodiversity safe?

3. A whole new landowner friendly approach: no need for a long-term commitment

Problem: Most carbon projects sell carbon credits (or tokens) in advance, forcing forest owners to commit for a very long time. 50 or 100 years is common.

Single.Earth’s solution: Single.Earth mints tokens in real-time – every time 100kg of CO2 is captured from nature one token is made and no duplicates are possible.

This allows the forest owner to truly be the decision-maker and leave our platform any time they see fit. No 100-year or even one-year contract!

4. Gain knowledge about your land and the opportunities it holds

Problem: Usually, forest owners know basic information about their land but they don’t know about the biodiversity level it holds or the carbon it absorbs.

Single.Earth’s solution: When you join the Single.Earth platform you get personalized information on your land:

  • How much carbon it absorbs from the atmosphere
  • The biodiversity impact it has
  • How much it pushes back the World Overshoot Day

Our research team works hard every day to bring you climate information that’s up-to-date and relevant.

5. Make an impact on local communities by protecting your forest

Problem: We see deforestation happening more rapidly than ever, making the lives of local communities harder and harder.

Single.Earth’s solution: With Single.Earth, you can directly improve the life quality of your local community. Forests are one of the key ecosystems and, depending on the area you're living in, they’re crucial to your local region and communities. Besides, forests are important to keep for all the other ecosystem services as well!

6. Be the innovator and role model in sustainable forest management: join a global community of landowners

Problem: Right now the only way to be a part of a (global) network is to join a Forest Association or traditional carbon market that’s not easily accessible or affordable to small and medium landowners.

Single.Earth’s solution: By joining Single.Earth, you join a global network of forest owners, researchers, and responsible businesses.

You’ll be a role model with more know-how on sustainable forest management.

You’re part of a big movement that:

  • has access to new groundbreaking technology: the MERIT token which makes nature protection a part of the economy
  • Raises awareness on sustainable forestry
  • Gives you useful up-to-date information on your land (see reason number 4!)


By joining Single.Earth, you set the example of an innovative forest owner taking care of their land sustainably while still earning money.

Your actions matter: be a part of saving the natural world!

We are eager to onboard forest owners and make a difference, together.

Single.Earth is on a mission to help preserve and restore existing ecosystems.

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