4 Ways a Forest Owner Can Make Money From Their Forests Without Clearcutting by Joining Single.Earth

Sustainable Forestry
October 19, 2021
Avely Pütsep

Earning money with sustainable forest management has always been extremely difficult. Until now.

Forest owners are usually taught about their obligations but not shown the opportunities their land holds to make a profit.

Besides, the latest IPCC climate report showed how grim the reality of climate change is.

It is up to everyone - including forest owners - to take responsibility for tackling the climate crisis. It’s time to think about the bigger picture.

Le’ts face it, clearcutting shouldn’t always be the answer:

  • It breaks intact ecosystems
  • Adds to biodiversity loss
  • Emits the carbon that was stored there

A more sustainable way is to join Single.Earth and:

  • Protect ecosystems
  • Halt biodiversity loss
  • Compensate your carbon emissions
  • Earn money for doing so

Are you wondering ‘how much is my land worth?’ but also wish you knew how to solve deforestation? We’ll show you how to make money from your land through sustainable forest investments.

Here are four ways you can use Single.Earth to earn money from your forest without resorting to clearcutting.

1. Use the money you get from Single.Earth’s marketplace to cover your forest management expenses

Problem: Just keeping a forest as it is can be expensive, not to mention sustainable forest management!

In many countries, you’re obligated to manage your land, in some you need to protect your land from invaders. There’s also land tax, environmental tax, and many other costs.

Single.Earth’s solution: Adding your land to Single.Earth will provide income (we kindly suggest you use it for sustainable options like continuous cover forestry) generated by the ability of your forest to sequester carbon. Meaning you are making money by helping save the planet!

2. Get additional income from land that’s already making money

Problem: Sometimes a forest owner already has something on their land making revenue, such as ecotourism like forest bathing and bubble hotels.

They may not be aware there’s still an opportunity for additional stable income.

Single.Earth’s solution:  Even if you have something on your land generating revenue already, it’s likely you can still join Single.Earth. Add another income layer and find out how to make even more money from land!

3. Accessibility problem: Entering the voluntary carbon market is expensive

Problem: The system of gaining access to a voluntary carbon market set is not accessible to most landowners - it’s either too expensive, not cost-efficient, or really difficult.

Agencies that would make the process easier are also expensive, making it an unviable option for small or medium forest owners.

Single.Earth’s solution: Joining Single.Earth is forest owner-friendly as there’s no joining fee, future commitments, nor limit to how small or big your forest has to be.

4. Accessibility problem: Joining the voluntary carbon market takes a long time

Problem: To gain access to the voluntary carbon market, a forest owner needs to have a lot of time to get to know the process, wait for approvals, and get the certification. The whole process can take up to 6 months, if not longer.

Moreover, the process is even longer for smaller forest owners.

Single.Earth’s solution: This is nothing compared to how quickly a landowner can join Single.Earth, no matter the size of the forest.

Often a forest owner's choice to make money from the forest is limited to (clear)cutting. Why?

  • In the current economic model, raw material - timber wood - is valued the most, not the biodiversity it holds or its ability to store carbon, to name just a few.
  • Sustainable land management hasn’t been cost-efficient.

Until now.

Single.Earth offers a way for forest owners to earn income without clearcutting.

Be among the first landowners to sell forest-based MERIT carbon tokens.

Single.Earth is on a mission to help preserve and restore existing ecosystems.

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