Mind-blowing animal news from recent years

March 2, 2021
Avely Pütsep

Some years seem to shine more than others. Researchers, rescuers, and conservationists have done AMAZING, to say the least, and just some of the efforts-paid-off are listed below.

Hold tight, because this list is an epic one!

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0 rhinos poached in East African nation

🦏 Amazing news just came in! 0 rhinos were poached in this East African nation in 2020!

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) director-general brigadier, John Waweru, said: “For the first time in 21 years, KWS reported zero poachings of rhinos in the year 2020. Rhino poaching has reduced from a high of 59 cases in 2013 when poaching was at its peak to zero poachings in 2020. The last time this feat was achieved was in 1999.” Party like it’s 1999.

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Source: The Rainforest Site

A deer species the size of cats rediscovered

“WOW!”-worthy-news to conservationists. For 30 years there was no sight of the rare deer species the size of a cat. Locals believed they’re still around, but none of them was seen, not even a carcass.

What else to do than set up cameras where locals tell you and have the hard work pay off? The Vietnam mouse-deer has been spotted, refuting the rumor that they’ve gone extinct. Deery me, go on mouse-deer!

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Jaguars back in Argentina wetlands after 70 years

Extensive rewilding efforts are paying off and jaguars have returned to Argentina’s wetlands after 70 years! They were driven to local extinction due to hunting and habitat loss, but now a mother and two cubs (first of the 9 jaguars) were returned there, giving hope to a better future.

Jaguars are called the “keystone species” as they’re the organism vital for the continuation of the local ecosystem. Jaguars control levels of prey which otherwise could overgraze the habitat, reducing biodiversity. Hopefully, jaguars will help the wildlife in the wetlands to flourish.

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Source: The Rainforest Site

Rare rainbow-colored octopuses spotted

Octopuses, the masters of disguise, usually like to stay hidden. For some reason, these two octopuses decided to go another way and, well, shine.

Two rare rainbow-colored octopuses were spotted off the coast of the Philippines. The video was described as: “Two blanket octopuses were captured on video gliding through the water. The webbing between their arms trailed behind them in a whimsical way, all the while the octopus continued to change color.”

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28 pilot whales rescued in New Zealand

Rescuers are doing an amazing job saving pilot whales from a notorious New Zealand beach where the whales keep beaching themselves (= they get themselves stuck). Come on whales, we’re trying to save you. ‍

Scientists are still baffled as to why the pilot whales keep coming back to the beach they get stranded in. Fortunately, rescuers are working hard as 28 whales were rescued and helped back into the sea. Whale done!

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Source: EcoWatch

New whale species discovered: the Rice’s

It is awesome new species are still found every year. Let us introduce one of the latest: the Rice’s whale!

Scientists identified new whale species in the Gulf of Mexico. Whales were named after the first man to confirm it was a whole new species, biologist Dale Rice. There are only around 33 of them swimming around making the new species a huge deal.

Nature on Earth is truly magnificent and keeps surprising us every step of the way. It’s more important than ever to protect it at all cost; biodiversity is literally the thing keeping us alive.

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