Why Buy and Hold Nature-Backed MERIT Tokens?

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August 23, 2022

The currency of the future — nature-backed MERIT tokens — is launching in September.

Have you ever wondered what the future will look like? Solar-powered flying cars, endless renewable energy, and nature thriving in the cities?

All of that, plus money backed by nature. 

MERIT is the world's first nature-backed currency designed to save the planet from biodiversity loss and climate change. MERIT is the basis of a truly sustainable financial system that brings the economy in balance with nature and ensures that humans get to inhabit this beautiful planet for generations to come. 

Why do we need MERIT tokens?

The new global currency, MERIT, was created to solve one of the biggest challenges humankind is facing: climate change and biodiversity loss. It's the currency that helps us get back within planetary boundaries

To understand why MERIT exists and how it works, you first need to know the context:

  1. Life on this planet depends on nature and the ecosystem services it provides, such as air, water, and food, as well as removing CO2 from the atmosphere and hosting biodiversity. Without nature, this planet would not be habitable for any living beings, including humans.
  2. Though forests, wetlands, and other natural resources provide us with these vital ecosystem services, we have never paid landowners for any of these services to make sure they would be here for us tomorrow as well. Instead, we've been paying landowners to do the opposite: cutting down forests, digging up wetlands, and destroying other natural resources to extract and sell raw materials.
  3. If we want to halt climate change and biodiversity loss and continue using all of the ecosystem services, we need to start paying landowners to keep nature intact and allow nature to just be there. 

That's what MERIT tokens are here to do. 

Minting MERITs from nature

MERIT tokens are minted based on the work nature does, reflecting the true value of these resources. 

One MERIT represents 100 kg of CO2 captured in a biodiverse forest. Going forward, we will add carbon stocks, biodiversity, and other ecosystem services to the equation. 

MERITs are minted on the Solana blockchain to the landowners' wallets based on our digital twin of the world's nature. Our in-house science team, consisting of 20 interdisciplinary scientists, has built planet-wide models that describe how nature works across the globe in almost real time. 

The digital twin combines satellite data, big data analysis, and machine learning and works as an oracle for minting the MERIT tokens. For every 100 kg of CO2 captured in a biodiverse forest, the forest owner will receive a new MERIT in their wallet. 

Landowners will continue to receive the tokens for as long as they keep their forests intact, which gives them a financial incentive to protect the ecosystem. 

3 reasons to buy and hold MERIT tokens

MERIT tokens will be available first to those who have joined the waitlist. There are probably a hundred good reasons to buy the tokens, but here are the top three highlighted by the first buyers: 

  1. Save the world from climate change and biodiversity loss. These are the biggest threats to life on this planet and by purchasing MERIT tokens, you support nature protection, which is the fastest and most effective way to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss.
  2. MERIT is the currency of the future. If you believe in a world where the economy is limited to how much nature can sustain, this is your chance to get a hold of the currency that does exactly that. We’ll constantly be creating new use cases for the tokens so that eventually, everything you can do with your money today, you will be able to do with MERIT.
  3. By joining early, you get to enjoy the early bird perks. The first buyers get a Single.Earth T-shirt, hoodie, or cap, and a chance to win more MERITs in our raffles. Oh, and no transaction fees.

That’s MERIT in a nutshell. Now, it’s time to save the world. Head over to www.single.earth and get your MERITs straight from our marketplace. Buy and hold the currency of the future.

Don’t forget to invite your friends along. It’s time for all humankind to stand up for the protection of this unique and amazing planet of ours. 

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