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JAAN PRIISALU / September 21, 2021

Single.Earth: A Rare Find In Blockchain Space

I was lucky to be there when blockchain technology began. Working as CTO in Guardtime, we launched our infrastructure in 2007 and were already in production when bitcoin development started. 

The blockchain gold rush was astonishing. People built systems where they competed in wasting energy and won casino-style prizes. Others just chased the money of investors without any long-term plan.

Blockchain enables fundamental change in society. For the first time in history, we have non-tampering proof that is so strong that nobody has the resources to break it. This technology will have a profound, long-term effect on society; we just haven’t figured it out yet.

The idea of Merit and Andrus to use blockchain technology to coordinate nature saving efforts is very interesting. It’s a real application of this technology for something useful. That’s rare.

As a father, I want to leave a well-functioning, habitable planet for my children. Thus, I decided to contribute my effort to this endeavour and help this company to succeed. I love the purpose!


Jaan Priisalu is a Chief of Security at Single.Earth. Jaan has been the go-to person for IT security in Estonia since the 1990s. He headed the Information System Authority (RIA), ran IT risk units at top banks, and worked at Guardtime and the NATO cyber defence centre. He also works as an analyst at Tallinn tech university.

Join Jaan and our team on the mission:

Note:The operation of Single.Earth will be subject to all required regulatory approvals/consents to be obtained.