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The Single.Earth MERIT token is not yet available. The minting has started, but the public sale has not. When the tokens become available for purchase on Single.Earth platform, we’ll communicate it via our official communication channel, the Single.Earth website.

Earth’s Health is Your Future Wealth

Single.Earth helps preserve existing ecosystems by making nature protection profitable and accessible with nature-backed MERIT tokens.

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Landowners on Single.Earth

150 hectares
Alternative to timber harvesting
300 hectares
Private, aim to conserve
73 hectares
Private, mature untouched forest
Brazil, Fazenda Santa Natalia
47,832 hectares
Amazon primary forest
44 hectares
Private, sustainable forestry
Brazil, Fazenda Boa Fe
434,630 hectares
Amazon primary forest

We can mitigate
climate change and biodiversity loss

Human activities are causing unprecedented environmental changes, leading to a lack of resources, rising temperatures, and dying lifeforms. Since 1950, more than 662 million hectares of forest have been lost, and carbon concentration in the atmosphere has almost doubled.

31% of the Earth is covered in forests–– the best technology nature has for locking away carbon while being the center of biodiversity. The two features work together: the wilder and more diverse forests are, the more effective they are at absorbing carbon from the atmosphere.

You can contribute with nature-backed MERITs

MERIT is a virtual currency (a token) that represents – and protects – the work nature does to sustain life by sequestering carbon and hosting biodiversity. The tokens are issued to landowners based on the ecological value of their lands for as long as they keep their natural resources in good health.

1 MERIT = 100 kg of CO2 captured in biodiverse nature*

*A more holistic approach with other parameters (biodiversity and carbon stocks) will be introduced in the next iteration of the token.

Introducing MERIT gradually

Buy MERIT from landowners

In the first phase, it's possible to buy and hold MERIT. Each token will contribute to nature protection by incentivizing landowners to preserve their biodiverse forests.

Collect, stake, trade MERIT

We aim to design MERIT as an attractive opportunity for eager contributors and investors who see the future value of virtual assets backed by the real-life features of nature, such as carbon sequestration and biodiversity.

Pay in MERITs

Our team is working on finding the right path to make MERIT a globally accepted and widely used currency through a virtual card, banking app, benefits for individuals, and solutions for businesses to achieve their ESG goals.

The firm’s mission is to value nature for more than just its raw materials. Single Earth uses satellite imagery twinned with big data analytics and an element of machine learning (ML) to detail the degree to which any place on the planet absorbs CO2 and maintains its level of biodiversity health.
Instead of linking carbon and biodiversity credits to the sale of raw materials such as forests, which cause CO2, what if you linked them to crypto tokens, and thus kept these CO2-producing materials in the ground?
Everyone wants to get paid for doing nothing. Novel venture capital group Single Earth has found just the right way for property owners to do exactly that.

Help landowners protect the biodiverse nature

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