Rémy Poncet: Combining Nature And Economy is Key

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January 13, 2022
Rémy Poncet

I joined Single.Earth because of the bold people behind it. They’re seeking not just to say “I want to change the world”, but “I have contributed to changing the world”.

Singleearthians don’t oppose how the world works.  Instead, we have carefully read the game rules and found that fighting nature with the market is nonsense, as is the opposite.  That view has led us to walk through the door of a climate and biodiversity crisis (and it’s a one-way ticket).

Humbly, but surely, the people of Single.Earth are proving that Nature and Economy are now so interconnected that it’s impossible to separate them. Harnessing the power of one to sustain the other is not only a possibility but the only way to bar against the incoming crisis - History we are now on track for.

I love the idea of nature-based solutions. It bears no particular scale – from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, from individuals to communities;  and no particular timeline – working every second across billions of years; nor other limits of physics or what the genetic engine can create to make life strive – above ground, below ground, in the water and the sky; to create a world of solutions and opportunities on every dust grain on Earth. ON EARTH. And that’s it.

The fact is that we only have one Single Earth – no planet B. Until proven otherwise, it’s only down here that the miracle of changing minerals into amino acids, polymers ... and a vibrant life, has happened. At least in the galactic surroundings.

So let’s make it last!


Chief Research Officer Rémy Poncet joined Single.Earth in November from the French Office of Biodiversity and National Museum of Natural History, where he was program manager for knowledge and mapping/modelling natural habitats. He has worked as a biologist, botanist, and data scientist in Mainland France and the Overseas territories from subantarctic to tropical islands (TAAF, Scattered Islands, La Réunion, Guadeloupe, etc.).

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