The Future of Climate Change: 5 Highlights in October 2021

October 5, 2021
Avely Pütsep

“The Future of Climate Change” is a monthly series: we choose 5 beautiful things that shaped the future of climate action and ecosystem protection in the past month.

If it makes the world a better place, we want to talk about it.

News on halting biodiversity loss, reducing carbon footprints, becoming carbon neutral, cleantech innovations, climate change solutions, and everything in between. 🌿

Plus! When you start looking, there’s so much good happening around us. We had to include a Biodiversity & Sustainability bonus at the end!

Let’s dig in!

Nature plays a key part in children’s health

Science confirms: Green spaces near homes and schools are strongly associated with improved physical activity and mental health outcomes in kids!


The study highlights the important role that exposure to nature plays in children's health. Although the conclusion seems obvious to some, we’ve lacked the data to back up the connection between nature and children’s health.


  • Data came from nearly 300 studies.
  • The review was conducted by Washington State University and the University of Washington.


The presence of green spaces near homes and schools has a strong impact on kids, both on their physical abilities and how well they cope with their mental health.

“Access to nature -- and the benefits that come with it -- are a necessity, not a nicety. Unfortunately, not all kids can have regular nature contact. This is due partly to urbanization, increased screen time, and more sedentary indoor lifestyles,” said the lead author.

More greenery for us all, especially children.

💚 Nature plays a key part in children’s health

Is the end of coal near? 4 big news stories suggest it is

  • 76% of proposed coal plants have been canceled since 2015.
  • World leaders at the UN urged to end public finance to fossil fuels.
  • China’s president declares the end of his country’s support for new coal power abroad.
  • Australia’s 4 big banks will stop lending to thermal coal mining and coal-fired power banks.


Reforestation could help save coral reefs from a catastrophe

Increasing reforestation efforts in coastal regions could substantially improve coral reefs’ ability to stay alive.


To figure out how reforestation may affect the health of coral reefs, a study was conducted in Australia.

The University of Queensland-led study analyzed more than 5,500 coastal areas from around the world.


The result? 85% of the areas have sediment that imposes a serious threat to reefs. Reforestation may be the answer to stop the runoff from land to sea.

Yet another clear sign of how:

🌿 everything in nature is connected

🌿 important it is to save nature

🐠 Reforestation could help save coral reefs from a catastrophe

The largest carbon removal facility to date, ‘Orca’, is up and running

Besides its spectacular nature full of volcanoes, geysers, and mountains, Iceland now has the world’s biggest carbon removal facility.


What’s the world’s largest carbon plant capable of? Sucking carbon dioxide out of the air and stashing it securely underground. And now, it’s been turned on.


🌿 An array of eight rectangular steel boxes arranged in a U shape will now start ‘pulling’ an extensive amount of carbon from the air.

🌿 It’s now switched on and Orca has begun removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for anyone willing to pay the price. But the price is not small.


It’s not yet clear how many clients they will have as the prices are expensive, to put it mildly.

It is however nice to see efforts to halt rapid climate.

Royal Mail trials electric vehicles to make business more sustainable

“As part of our ongoing drive to reduce the emissions associated with our operations, we’re trialing twelve fully electric ‘micro’ vehicles,” said Royal Mail.


Royal Mail has the UK's largest "Feet on the Street" network of over 85,000 postal delivery workers and is reported to have the lowest reported CO2 emissions per parcel among major UK delivery companies.

In its quest to further the cutting of carbon emissions, it’s now trialing little electric vehicles to deliver mail. The vehicle is roughly the size of a golf buggy or a quad bike.


🌿 The trial will take place over six months across five UK destinations.

🌿 It will give a base to the future of adopting micro electric vehicles.


It’s great to see more efforts for a greener future. Little things will add up to big changes.

Let’s hope this trial will not only make Royal Mail more green but pushes the whole postal industry to do so.

🦍 There’s a baby boom for mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park!

List of amazing biodiversity news

  • UK farmers urged to set aside 1% of land for wildlife. Also: rewilding 5% of England could create 20 000 rural jobs.
  • Billie Eilish convinced a fashion designer to ditch fur! It’s lovely to see power used for good.
  • There’s a baby boom for mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park!
  • Scottish Highlands to be transformed by a major rewilding project.
  • After decades, the platypus is making a comeback in Australia’s oldest national park.
  • New research suggests a link between trees’ health and how birds handle climate change.
  • Cloning coconut trees may be the breakthrough to help propagation and preservation.
  • The kiwikiu or Maui parrotbill, a critically endangered bird believed to not live there, has been spotted in Hawaiian islands.
  • The UK is banning all shark fin products to “send a clear message that we do not support an industry that is forcing many species to the brink of extinction”.

List of Sustainability News

Author note about the “Future of Climate Change” series: the climate crisis has become an inevitable part of our everyday lives, making it easy to get lost in Doomsday thoughts. In reality, attempts to halt climate change are happening all the time. The key is to notice them. That's what this series is about. Will you come back next month to read the new one?

Oh also, did you see the 5 climate change highlights from September?

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