Science Behind the MERIT token

Combining ecological sciences, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and geospatial engineering to integrate nature protection and restoration into the modern economy.  

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Bending the curves of climate change and biodiversity loss

As a natural climate solution, we aim to contribute to bending the curve of climate change and biodiversity loss. The science behind MERIT tokens seeks to align our actions with the goals and principles of global climate and biodiversity frameworks (along with other recommendations issued by the IPCC, IPBES, IUCN, and WWF).

Together, the scientific community, global goals, and frameworks create the compass we use to design the MERIT currency. This makes it a powerful tool to change the world.

Limiting global temperature increase
to 2°C, preferably to 1.5 °C, consistent with global climate neutrality as set out in the Paris Agreement.
Enhancing ecosystem integrity and valuing nature conservation
consistent with the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework targets.
Closing the significant conservation and biodiversity financing gap
currently estimated to USD 598–824 billion per year by 2030.

Digital Twin of planet Earth

The Digital Twin is a digital copy of nature on a global scale – a map with many layers. It represents nature in real life and in (almost) real time. We use data science and artificial intelligence to model environmental change and ecosystem services.

All our models are published as open-source in Github and continuously improved based on new scientific research, boots-on-the-ground data, and community feedback. We plan to open the Digital Twin for collaboration to enable scientists around the world to contribute.

Where do we get the data?
• Satellite imagery
• Ground data
• Various databases on climate,
biodiversity, environment, and
socio-economic sectors
What does the map show?
• Natural and semi-natural ecosystems
• Conservation status
• Ecosystem services
• Hosted biodiversity
• Land use and occupation

Automated land assessments: carbon and biodiversity

Thanks to our proprietary Digital Twin models, running each plot of land through the cartographic layers is easy and fast.

Without automation, assessing land plots would be time-consuming, expensive, and not accessible for most landowners. This significant innovation allows us to take our solution to all kinds of landowners globally.

Our current models assess organic carbon and sequestration.  Biodiversity and ecosystem services will be added in 2022.

Giving nature a digital value with MERIT

Single.Earth uses the Digital Twin as a base for tokenization – extracting and converting the assessment results into digital assets, called MERIT tokens.

1 MERIT = 100 kg of CO2 cleaned from the atmosphere

In future stages, the underlaying land evaluation will be updated and improved by incorporating more ecological indicators, such as biodiversity and soil quality. We aim to move beyond carbon to create a holistic approach.

We always ask: how will nature benefit?

Trend monitoring

The Digital Twin allows us to assess trends over time and accurately compute the contribution of the MERIT tokens in tackling climate change and biodiversity loss.

Permanent impact

In addition to hectares of biodiverse nature saved, we also measure our impact in tonnes of CO2 permenantly removed from the atmosphere using the year-tonne method.

Feedback loop

A never-ending feedback, built on constantly improved Digital Twin and methodologies, is used as our North Star to improve our system. It incentivizes better practices and natural assets enhancement, notably through improving our accounting and valuation methodologies.

Fair access to all landowners

Thanks to the remote-sensing Digital Twin models, we can bring the Single.Earth solution to all sizes and types of landowners across the globe. Landowners can sign up and explore without obligations to see their land's ecological value – it's free, easy, and fast.

People behind the science

There are 15 interdisciplinary scientists working at Single.Earth’s Research and Science team which includes researchers, natural climate solutions experts for carbon and biodiversity, data scientists, and geospatial data analysts.

25 languages spoken
14 countries represented
75 team members
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Let’s help landowners
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