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Make an impact with your money. Use nature-backed

Merit tokens and fund land preservation.

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Single.Earth is building a new financial system based on nature's ability to sustain life.

Tokens are emitted to landowners against 100kg of CO² captured in biodiverse nature on their property.

These digital assets can be traded, used to contribute to mitigating the climate and ecological crisis, or used for payments.

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Buy and sell digital assets, issued to landowners against maintaining and increasing the ecological value and carbon capture of their land. Each token is connected to real nature, directly funding its protection.
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The card for the environmentally conscious. We are working on a solution, where you could pay with Merit tokens anywhere. With seamless connections to today's currencies, shops, cafes, and other sellers around the world could effortlessly accept the card.
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Contribute to mitigating the ecological and climate crisis.

Your money directly funds land preservation. Keep biodiversity and carbon sinks intact by providing an alternative revenue stream to nature destroying activities like clear-cutting.

Let's save the world