Easy Way to Contribute to Nature

MERIT was created to give everyone a simple yet effective way to protect the natural world. When you buy MERIT, you finance nature conservation.

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How to buy MERIT

Create your Single.Earth account

No crypto experience or wallet required. MERIT aims to be accessible and secure for everyone, no matter your experience in the crypto space. We need EVERYONE to take action to halt climate change and biodiversity loss.

Verify your identity

Single.Earth is not just a platform or a token; it’s an ecosystem. We verify entities and individuals to ensure the safety and goodwill of all participants. Crypto service provider license provided by the Financial Intelligence Unit of Estonia.

Buy in EUR with a simple bank transfer

In the first phase, MERIT will be available on Single.Earth’s official platform. More opportunities will be announced in later stages. Remember, every MERIT in your wallet is an investment into a greener future– for the planet and you.

How Single.Earth’s process works

Landowners join Single.Earth
Single.Earth works with landowners, managers, and organizations that preserve nature through sustainable practices.

They are incentivized to let trees grow and nature flourish, not destroy healthy ecosystems and sell for profit.
Digital Twin evaluates and monitors
Our science team uses satellite data, geospatial engineering, and machine learning to represent nature with a Global Digital Twin.

The model allows us to automatically assess each plot of land for its forest coverage, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration.
We issue nature-backed MERITs
The world's first nature-backed currency is created by assigning nature's features a digital value. Currently, each MERIT token represents 100 kg of CO2 captured and removed.

Carbon stocks and biodiversity are added to the equation during 2022.

Toward a ‘nature-backed economy’

Ultimately, Single.Earth strives to rebuild the entire economy upon nature by introducing the world's first nature-backed currency. Economic growth would become dependent on the amount of intact nature on Earth.

We envision a world where MERIT becomes a commonly used currency. All daily transactions between people-businesses-institutions will be seamlessly integrated into the value of services offered by healthy ecosystems. By doing this, we can build a sustainable economy that balances consumption with nature's capabilities.


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