Forest owner

earn by preserving carbon-rich and biodiverse forests

Join Single.Earth - a natural capital marketplace where socially responsible companies can directly connect with forest owners and invest in sustainable forest management to compensate for their own ecological impact

Continuous Cover Forestry

Switch to sustainable forest management

Replace clearcuts with selective cuts

Sell CO2 sequestration as carbon offset

Maintain healthy ecosystems

Untouched Nature Conservation

Create a voluntary nature conservation area in your forest

Avoid cutting in your forest

Receive financial support from businesses

Make room for the wilderness to flourish

Step 1

Create your account

to create your sustainable forest portfolio

Step 2

Add your forests

learn about their carbon and biodiversity value

Step 3

Verify ownership

and get an estimate for your forest value

Step 4

Wait for a buyer

we'll match you with a suitable company

Step 5

Receive a regular income

by preserving your forest, its bioversity and carbon

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Single.Earth?

Single.Earth is a deep tech startup that helps to preserve nature and biodiversity by creating a natural capital marketplace where socially responsible companies can directly connect with land and forest owners and invest in a better Earth for us all.

Why do we need Single.Earth?

Single.Earth offers an alternative for land-owners to benefit from their natural capital so that they have an incentive to preserve old-growth forests, wetlands and other unique ecosystems.

We show the value of our ecosystem and help people understand the impact of our actions and create a community around reaching global climate goals.

Who finances the switch?

We enable organizations to invest in preserving nature in their local environment and give them a comprehensive metric to show their contribution and inspire others.

How much will I earn as a forest owner?

Depending on your forest type, age, size, biodiversity value, habitat type, etc. and whether you change your forest management method or create a nature conservation area, your annual income can vary from 80€ - 250€ per hectare.

For how long do I have to commit my forests to the project?

The length of the contract in the test period is one year. If everything works fine for you, we can sign a contract for a longer time after that time.

What kind of information do I need to share about my forest when I sign up?

Single.Earth is asking for detailed information about your forest- location, forest type, age, size, land cadastre.

What are sustainable cutting methods?

We need to see every forest separately to give recommendations on sustainable cutting. Regularly we support using selective cutting and shelterwood logging. Our aim is to encourage you to foster continuous cover techniques.