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I’m Merit, CEO and co-founder of Single.Earth, on a journey to save the natural world with the help of fintech, cleantech, and deep tech solutions. It’s time to unite humankind to protect the natural world. We have amazingly biodiverse ecosystems keeping us alive every day but we need to act fast because nature is disappearing at an alarming rate.

In 2019, I entered the Future of Wood hackathon with a stubborn thought in mind: “There’s more to wood than just timber!”. While most teams made products out of wood, I went the other way. I was inspired to create a unique platform for carbon offsetting and biodiversity protection. I gathered a team and we won. The story of Single.Earth began.

We realized that if we just focused on carbon offset, we’re missing all the biodiversity that forests carry,” Merit explains. There’s also no easy way for small forest owners to create alternative revenue other than from harvesting timber. We’re providing a solution to both of these problems.

2020 was hard work, but we loved every minute of it. Check out this epic infographic of 2020 on our blog! In January 2021, we launched the first part of the platform: a unique map of the world’s nature and its ecological value in terms of carbon and biodiversity. We work with research data, satellite imagery, big data analysis, machine learning, blockchain technology, and other cutting-edge innovations. And we’ve never looked back.

The Single.Earth company consists of people who’ve helped build Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, Pipedrive, and the Estonian e-government. We’re a diverse startup, a company, a family, the A-team.

Shortly after launch, we were chosen as one of the shortlisted Innovators by the World Economic Forum in the Trillion Trees challenge and Tech with heart" projects by Atlas of Future. We believe it’s because we value transparency, honesty, and above all, the sincere will to make the world a better place. We think most people want to contribute to saving the 🌍, but don’t know how. We give them a voice.

Learn more about what we do from this Reuters video, Forbes article, TechFirst podcast, or our environmentalist blog post.

Wait... how do you save the world, then?🤨

Our mission is to allow landowners to gain money from their land without destroying it, preserving the intact ecosystems keeping humankind alive.

Step 1

Local people know best about the threats to nearby nature. We give people a place to voice these concerns so we can fix these problems for good. You can also show us areas that are not near your home but that you would hate to see destroyed!

gain access to the global platform + show us areas in danger + share with as many people as possible = a greener future for all

How quickly can we get every person with internet access to join and help us save the world? 😻

Step 2

When a heart is placed on the map, it can be seen by everyone who has access to the map view. This shows companies which areas need protection.

We combine ecological value and votes to see which areas need to be saved ASAP.

We then connect companies with forest and landowners to fight climate change and biodiversity loss. So everyone’s a game-changer here as every vote on the map counts!

Step 3

Companies and investors support landowners because:

🌿 They want to get with the times and reduce their carbon footprint

🌿 Customers demand transparent sustainability actions

Landowners get paid for “doing nothing”: for not clearcutting the forest, destroying wetlands, or putting in a mine.

As a result, healthy ecosystems (that literally keep humankind alive!) are kept intact.

Step 4

You helped:

💚 save forests, wetlands, and other natural resources

💚 keep healthy ecosystems intact

Together we’re halting biodiversity loss.

Our long-term goal is to make sustainable land use the new norm. By rewarding landowners for preserving biodiverse and healthy ecosystems, we’re financing the switch to sustainability in business and creating the systemic change in our relationship with nature that we need to survive.


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